Role of Cyber Security in Building Smart Bangladesh by Ensuring Smart Bangladesh Vision, 2041: A Critical Analysis


  • Md Faruk Hossain, Dr. Md. Amjad Hossain & Md Arifuzzaman Times University Bangladesh, Faridpur


Bangladesh, smart, Bangladesheducation and development., cyber, digital


The promise made by the Awami League in its election manifesto before the 2008 National Parliament elections to form 'Digital Bangladesh' by 2021 is now visible. This digital Bangladesh has changed the course of development progress in the country. Looking ahead to the year 2041, the new challenge is smart Bangladesh. This smart Bangladesh will make people's lives easier; everything will be at hand. Bangabandhu is the dreamer of digital Bangladesh. The fairy-tale country 'Smart Bangladesh' will come into the hands of Sheikh Hasina. Now the question is: What is smart Bangladesh? Why is it necessary? How will it be implemented? Smart Bangladesh refers to a technology-based lifestyle where everything from all types of civic services can be done smartly. Every citizen will get guaranteed rights and an excellent opportunity to fulfill duties without suffering. The Awami League government, under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, has taken up the future action plan by dividing the outline of that smart Bangladesh into four parts. It is possible to realize the Smart Bangladesh Theory through the proper implementation of the words smart citizen, smart economy, smart government, and smart society. A step forward from digital Bangladesh, the new vision of smart Bangladesh is expressed here to further advance the services of citizen life. Special sectors have been chosen to further modernize civic and social life, such as smart citizens, smart economies, smart governments, and smart societies. In order to develop the mentioned issues in a smart way, there must be a guarantee of safe and dynamic information technology, so there is no substitute for safe technology or cyber security in building a smart Bangladesh.