Hindu Marriage Registration in Bangladesh: A Critical Legal Analysis, Evaluation and Recommendations


  • Md. Abdul Matin Bhuiyan & Naba Akter Department of Law, Primeasia University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012, Bangladesh, Loopholes, Punishment, Witness, Online registration, recommendations


Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012 has been made as it is expedient and necessary to enact provision related to hindu marriage registration with the aim of protecting the documentary evidence of classical marriages of hindus. There are some loopholes regarding marriage registration in the Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012. It is necessary for Bangladesh to turn these loopholes into proper rules because the people of the hindu community of Bangladesh are constantly facing various problems. For the greater interest of all hindus presenting some laws have mentioned in the recommendations which they will be bound to obey and if they do not obey will be brought under punishment.