Harvesting Green Power: A Literature Exploration of the Augmented Kalina Cycle with Renewable Energy Sources



Kalina Cycle, Renewable Energy Integration, Heat-to-Power Conversion, Systematic Literature Review, Sustainable Energy Efficiency


This systematic literature review delves into the integration of the Kalina Cycle with renewable energy sources, focusing on its efficiency, practicality, and future potential. The methodological framework is robust, involving a comprehensive search across electronic databases such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, IEEE Xplore, and Scopus, supplemented by grey literature and hand-searched references. The search, confined to the past decade, employs a strategic combination of keywords and Boolean operators. Articles are meticulously selected based on stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria, ensuring relevance and quality. Data extraction encompasses study context, findings, and methodologies, followed by a rigorous quality assessment using the PRISMA checklist. The synthesis of findings is twofold: quantitative results are analyzed through meta-analytical techniques, while qualitative data undergo thematic analysis. Two independent reviewers ensure the validity of the content, and the review commits to biennial updates for sustained relevance. This systematic review not only provides a comprehensive understanding of the Kalina Cycle's integration with renewable energies but also lays the groundwork for future research and practical applications in sustainable energy conversion.


Kalina Cycle; Renewable Energy Integration; Heat-to-Power Conversion; Systematic Literature Review; Sustainable Energy Efficiency




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