Exploring The Relationship Between Job Stress and Sleep Quality of Community Nurses in China


  • FAN Qinyuan & Sahadat Hossain Macau University of Science and Technology




Community Nurse, Patient Interaction Frequency, Work schedule, Sleep Quality of Community Nurses


It is necessary that nurses have a proper sleep schedule to be able to serve their duty with proper dedication. However, in China it has been noticed that challenges within the healthcare system are affecting the sleep schedule of nurses indirectly. The lack of a proper working environment or job security has affected the sleep schedule for Chinese nurses majorly, one of the significant reasons being job stress. A quantitative study has been adopted in this research to identify the main reasons why nurses in China are having an imbalance over sleep quality. The findings of the study have shown high reliability of the methods used with the testing of the Cronbach Alpha value. Policymakers can use the findings of this study to entail different laws for improving the stress at work for the nurses to enhance their respective sleep qualities.