The Role of FinTech and BigTech in the Global Banking Sector


  • Md. Mokshud Ali & Afia Akter Times University Bangladesh, Faridpur



Financial digitalization, financial technology, banks, FinTech, BigTech, neuro-economics, financial intermediation


The linkages between banks, FinTech, and BigTech are examined in this article along with some cutting-edge methods for financial digitalization. It also offers fresh ways to gauge consumer reactions to and adoption of financial digitalization. This study aims to describe the effects of FinTech and BigTech on the worldwide banking industry. The capacity to control information sharing is a major differentiator in competition between traditional banks and online firms. While regulations continue to evaluate how to provide a level playing field, industry participants are presenting a number of solutions, many of which are focused on collaboration. The investigation for this topic included the use of a computer and the analysis of secondary data. Researchers and practitioners can both benefit from the findings by understanding more about how FinTech and BigTech operate in the global financial industry. Academics and professionals in business should think carefully about the conclusion's important implications.




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Md. Mokshud Ali & Afia Akter. (2022). The Role of FinTech and BigTech in the Global Banking Sector. Global Mainstream Journal of Innovation, Engineering & Emerging Technology, 1(03), 01–07.